Co-Scholastic Activities

Music: Students are exposed to both Indian and western music singing patriotic songs, the state song, the national song and the national anthem in chorus is taught. The student are also made familiar with common music instruments such as keyboard, glitter cargo etc.,

Dance: The student are taught basics of Bharatanatyam semi classical and folk forms. They are taught the performing arts genre through expert guidance

Drawing & Painting: this is an integral part of instruction as it helps in all the curricular subjects. Students learn to use the materials and practice different forms off art.

Physical Education: health and physical education is imparted through a qualified teacher. Mass PT, organized games and taking part in inter school competitions is on the cards

Work Education: though craft, students are given hands on experience in creating a variety of useful articles used in daily life origami paper folding are some of the other activities.

Value Education: as it is aptly said “values are caught and not taught”, we at KNC Innovative Global School, the students are made to imbibe values by the teachers who act as role models several skits and role plays are organized highlighting the values. Value education is integrated with scholastic subjects.


Yoga classes

In door and Out door games: School is providing the in door games like tabletennis,chess, carrom,The out door games like Basket ball,Volley ball, badminton, kabaddi, Kho-Kho,    Running race, Long jump, High Jump, etc.,

Knowledge clubs: Science club, Maths club, quiz club, Literary club, community service club will help children to develop knowledge in different areas.                   

Nature club, Adventure club, Educational Tours & day out Picnics

Moral classes : Classes on morality  have been an integral part of our school curriculum, where children are instilled with high moral values through stories and passages taken from spiritual books.

Celebrate National festival day programmes, school day programmes, other festivals days are celebrated to introduce cultural aspects in the children. 

We prepare students to perform cultural activities at school events and inter-school competitions.